Use Metrics Dashboards to Manage Enterprise Security Risks

Tue. September 26| 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM | C141

Building on previous ASIS Foundation-funded research, take a close look at using visual displays and dashboards as powerful tools to simplify data for analysis and action. More importantly, use these tools to produce at- a-glance summaries of organizational performance when presenting to the C-suite. Security performance measures help frame and enact process improvements, guide resource and operational decisions, and assess evolving risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Brainstorm how these tools help determine critical returns on investing in security as a component of any organization.

Session Number: 5302

Priority Subject Matter: Business Operations - Finance/Budgeting/Hiring/Training/Management/Professional Development/etc., Communicating/Demonstrating the Value of Security, Enterprise Security Risk Management

Event Structure: Lecture

Learning Objectives: Become familiar with the security metrics evaluation tool developed for security managers and practitioners as a way to assess an organization's current or proposed performance measures.; Adopt best practices that can capture and visually display security metrics.; Understand how dashboards, graphs and other pictorials, instead of raw data, can be woven into messaging to customers and communications with senior leadership.

Handout(s): 36715_.pdf, Weaver_Ohlhausen_McGarvey.pdf

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Daniel McGarvey

Daniel McGarvey

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Peter Ohlhausen


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Richard Weaver

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