Archaeological Site Security: Clunia, Huerta De Rey Spain

Wed. September 27| 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM | C145

ASIS Cultural Properties Council sought to answer this question: What is the best way to develop a security plan to protect archaeological sites? Council members in Spain proposed exploring the Clunia archaeological site in Heurta de Rey to create a case study to be published in a future English-Spanish language CRISP Report. With the support of the ASIS Foundation, the Councilā€™s research included a site survey and risk assessment that focused on exploring the site's culture and its vulnerability to looting and natural or manmade hazards. The survey considered the local legal requirements, available resources, and concerns and how they would affect the security plan. Hear a summary of the research and discuss the findings.

Session Number: 6111

Priority Subject Matter: Architecture/Engineering/Design, Hot Topic/Current Event, Physical Security

Event Structure: Case Study

Learning Objectives: Learn the importance of understanding the role of culture in developing security plans.; Develop plans to protect other cultural heritage sites from various other forms of attack.; EvaluateĀ global security initiatives that transcend borders.

Handout(s): 36601_.pdf

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Robert Carotenuto

Robert Carotenuto

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Ricardo Sanz Marcos

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