Intelligent Building Vulnerabilities: Is There an Open Door into Your Facility?

Mon. September 25| 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM | C142

Intelligent building (IB) systems are increasingly used in all types of facilities to reduce resources and increase productivity through technology and business convergence. IB integrates systems that were once isolated, including life safety, lighting, and security. However, IB systems were not designed, installed, or managed from a security perspective, leaving facilities vulnerable. An ASIS International-funded research project measured security practitioners’ IB knowledge and established guidelines for educating the profession. Discuss a range of results, which include IB system vulnerabilities and best mitigation strategies.

Session Number: 4301

Priority Subject Matter: Architecture/Engineering/Design, Critical Infrastructure, Physical Security

Event Structure: Lecture

Learning Objectives: Comprehend and understand current intelligent building vulnerabilities within your facilities; Explore ways to apply generic security mitigation strategies to counter intelligent building system vulnerabilities.; Review the research funded by ASIS International, which looked into the security practitioner's knowledge of intelligent business systems as well as system vulnerabilities and best mitigation practices.

Handout(s): 36724_.pdf, Brooks.pdf

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David Brooks

David Brooks

Associate Professor

Edith Cowan University