Stop Sweating the Password and Learn to Love Public Key Cryptography

Tue. September 26| 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM | D170

The future of strong authentication is based on open standards and leveraged by easy-to-use, affordable devices that users own and control. Explore the emerging FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) open standard and its public key cryptography for two-factor authentication. Learn how major enterprises and services have adopted U2F, which allows organization to be their own identity provider, or let users authenticate through a federated service provider. Consider the advantages presented by FIDO U2F when compared to one-time passwords (apps, SMS, or tokens) and smart cards. How will these technologies continue to co-exist in the future and how do they fit in the larger identity ecosystem?

Session Number: 5115

Type: ISSA

Priority Subject Matter: Cyber Security

Event Structure: Lecture

Learning Objectives: Take a detailed look into the U2F protocol.; Explore case study examples of U2F deployments, best practices, and results.; Come away with an actual U2F device and experiment with using it to protect personal accounts such as Google, Dropbox, and Facebook.

Handout(s): 37210_.pdf


Chris Streeks

Chris Streeks

Solutions Engineer