Facility Security Design from Conception to Completion, Part 1 of 2

Mon. September 25| 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM | C3

Today's physical security systems require professionals to  understand the design process. By assessing an actual a project, learn how to conduct risk assessments, develop functional requirements, and point out mitigation measures as the basis of a design. As a next step, figure out how to translate the design requirements into construction documents. Finally, practice how to apply the necessary tools and techniques to a virtual facility. Hour 1 of a 2-hour session.

Session Number: 4212

Priority Subject Matter: Architecture/Engineering/Design, Communicating/Demonstrating the Value of Security, Physical Security

Event Structure: Other

Learning Objectives: Understand the process and value of risk assessments.; Review the purpose and benefits of functional requirements and pre-design efforts.; Examine the design process through a real-world interactive design session.

Handout(s): 36623_.pdf

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Randy Atlas


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