Protecting America's Electric Grid from Attack

Tue. September 26| 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM | C150

Securing the North American power grid is a top priority for both regulators and utilities. While the industry remains focused on grid resiliency, physical and cybersecurity threats remain that could affect generation, transmission, and distribution operations. Discuss whether NERC standards are inhibiting technological innovation and the potential for federal legislation. Consider the economic impact and interdependency of a significant outage, which can lead to utility reputational risk, and review best practices for response and recovery after a major security breach.

Session Number: 5204

Priority Subject Matter: Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Physical Security

Event Structure: Panel Discussion

Learning Objectives: Find out what industry is doing today to better protect the U.S. electric infrastructure.; Identify the threats facing substations, generating plants, and energy control centers.; Examine effective ways that senior security professionals can manage reputational risk

Handout(s): 36585_.pdf, Harrell_Weatherford_Aaronson.pdf

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Utilities Security Council


Scott Aaronson

Scott Aaronson

Executive Director, Security and Business Continuity

Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Brian Harrell

Brian Harrell, CPP

Vice President of Security


Mark Weatherford

Mark Weatherford

Chief Cybersecurity Strategist