Investigating in an Asymmetrical Online World #4108

Mon. September 25| 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM | C4

A thorough understanding of how to use social media and open sources for investigations is now mandatory for all security professionals. Learn best practices for the safe, efficient, and ethical viewing of information shared online. Explore practical approaches and materials that can be used to create social media resources and locate information sources for various types of cases.

Session Number: 4108

Priority Subject Matter: Cyber Security, Hot Topic/Current Event, Investigations

Event Structure: Lecture

Learning Objectives: Learn how to log into a private virtual private network (VPN) and use free software, such as TOR, to safely prevent access to busines activities and relationships.; Explore the top websites for quickly conducting online social media investigations.; Capture the best resources for conducting investigative work online to substantiate social media claims.

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Cynthia Hetherington


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