Between a Wall and a Hard Place: Security Repercussions for Mexico

Tue. September 26| 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM | C144

Efforts by the United States to strengthen border security and tighten immigration rules are likely to affect the security environment in Mexico as well as in Central America as a whole. Explore how new border security measures could change the security landscape with particular emphasis on how organized crime might attempt to interact with legitimate business concerns. Examine what both U.S. and Mexican companies can do to prepare for, identify, and manage these new security challenges.

Session Number: 5213

Priority Subject Matter: Crisis Management, Physical Security

Event Structure: Panel Discussion

Learning Objectives: Articulate key points from our in-depth assessment of how the security environment in Mexico is likely to evolve as a result of the new US administration’s border security and immigration policies. ; Incorporate business perspectives from the corporate world regarding how their companies can best begin to prepare and anticipate these changes. ; Examine the experiences of leading corporate security managers on how they intend to manage security challenges in Mexico and Central America.


Scott Lindahl

Scott Lindahl, CPP

Vice President Corporate Services and Chief Security Officer

Kellogg Company

Daniel Linsker

Daniel Linsker

Managing Director

Control Risks